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Mickaël Lafontaine & Xavier Seignard

Fonderie Kugler
Friday 19 – Sunday 21 May
14:00 – 19:00
CHF 250.-, registration required
Number of participants 12 max.
Languages English, French
Required skills This workshop is intended for artists (3D, video, photo, arts and crafts), developers and makers with a background in programming (Processing, Java or Arduino, etc.). A background in projection mapping, electronics and/or photography is an asset.
Required material Participants should bring their own laptop and, optionally, a camera and a photogrammetry software licence.
Registration Please sign up via the dedicated form
For all enquiries:

Workshop schedule:
- Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20: 2pm-7pm
- Sunday, May 21: 1pm-5pm

3 artefacttypoThis workshop will teach participants how to scan 3D objects in order to create an interactive device combining 3D animation, robotics and projection mapping. They will design a robotic set connected to an interactive 3D stage, so that the rotation of the real object controls that of the scanned 3D object. This will lead us to conduct various projection mapping experiments on moving objects.
The workshop will take place in four steps:
> 3D scanning thanks to a photogrammetry software coupled with a robotic camera
> Creating generative 3D animations with the software Processing (coding)
> Creating the robotic device (electronics + Arduino)
> Experimenting robotic projection mapping on a moving object

Scrollino in media lu 2016

Mickaël Lafontaine & Xavier Seignard


Mickaël Lafontaine is a digital artist, an educator and an instructor. At the intersection of the real and the digital, but also of the art and the social, he uses different languages, such as generative art, video, sound sculpture, poetry or typography in order to create performances, scenographies and installations focused on human aspects as well as matter and contemplation.
He develops his projects jointly in France and Quebec, in collaboration with festivals, art centres, dancers and choreographers, universities, schools or children hospitals.

Developer and tinkerer, Xavier Seignard is commited to the values of the free software culture, knowledge sharing and DIY spirit. The soldering iron, the keyboard and the glue gun are his favorite tools. He designs and realises embedded systems for interactive installations. He also develops and provides guidance in the field of web development (Node.js, AngularJS, industrialisation of modern JavaScript, etc.).