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Kinotron: exhibition & screening #2

Sunday 28 May
14:00 – 19:00
Cinéma Spoutnik
Screening: CHF 12.- / 8.- / 5.- (tickets available on site only)

Exhibition: free entrance

Kinotron dimancheWith Serhiy Klymko and Ruslana Koziienko, from the Visual Culture Research Center of Kiev, Ukraine

14h Guided tours of the Kinotron exhibition (free)
18h Screening: "The Target is Your Brain" (Felix Sobolev et Victor Olender, 1985)

"Kinotron is a new form of film production. The analogy emerges immediately: cyclotron, synchrophasotron, etc. It's all about highest velocities and giant energies."
(from the Felix Sobolev archive) 

The Kinotron exhibition presents a little-known, yet unique, phenomenon in film history: experimental works from representatives of the "Kyiv School of Scientific Film", which emerged in the 1960s around the famous filmmaker Felix Sobolev. His films were the first to show that scientific film can be popular with the mass viewer, being still an experimental synthesis of art and science.