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The ReCode Project: a process for generative design

Friday 19 May
17:00 – 18:00
ACT (Le Commun - BAC)
Free entrance
Languages French

Recode 2017223 155510Sharing their personal research experiences around sound, image and space through their common project Z-1, Camille de Dieu and Laurent Novac, respectively artists and engineer, have been seeking for two years to create universes in which the borders between reality and fiction are constantly redefined.
After outlining their work, they will present the workshop they conducted for Media Design students at the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève).

Inspired by the researches conducted in the 70s at the intersection between computer science and graphic design, this workshop invited students to revisit iconic artworks from this period – around artists like Manfred Mohr or Frieder Nake – and to update some of their patterns. The workshop contributes to the ReCode Project, a community-driven effort to archive and bring pioneering works of computational art back into circulation. 

In collaboration with the HEAD – Genève