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Maotik, Tarik Barri & Paul Jebanasam, Rainer Kohlberger

A/V Night @Alhambra

Saturday 27 May
21:00 – 00:00
CHF 20.- / 15.-

Doors open at 8:00pm.
Performances start at 9pm sharp.


Continuum press 1Tarik Barri provides a visual counterpoint to Continuum, a real-time window into a virtual universe where intricate self-organizing architectures emerge, interact and collapse according to unknown physical laws, all in conjunction with the sometimes massively violent and chaotic, always disruptive forces that lie within Paul Jebanasam's compositions. The performance takes their deep-listening cosmic artistry further in a show that immerses and disorients with massive sound and vision, ultimately letting melody and light pull us from one end of the vast universe all the way back to our tiny corner of it, where we are no longer alone.


Maotik // AeryonWith AERYON, Maotik offers an artistic interpretation of a surveillance drone vision where the storyline evolves according to the point of departure, thus providing an ever-changing experience. Designed both as an audiovisual performance and an installation, AERYON is an advanced navigation system that analyses multiple sources of data to recreate the beauty of an aerial landscape view. The storyline gradually evolves to create a multimedia environment that offers various degrees of immersion and modifies the perception of physical space. Besides, sound creation is fed with a GPS system using sound information from a specific location (e.g. radio frequencies) so as to translate the visuals into a sonic experience that will take the public to the center of this electronic landscape.

The AERYON project is supported by the ENCAC (European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation).


Rainer Kohlberger // BrainbowsRainer Kohlberger uses digital-projection technology in a radical way. Through impulses and waves of pure light, the intentional overload of the human perception apparatus leads to visual impressions that appear exclusively in the literal "eye of the beholder". Layers of noise, drones and stroboscopic lights unfold a sense of the infinite, which fascinates both as the ultimate abstraction and because it is inveterately fuzzy. Image surface and image space meld into one (consciousness-)state, in which categories such as being and non-being, material and immaterial appear obsolete.




A digital artist based in Montreal, Mathieu Le Sourd, aka Maotik, focuses his work on the creation of immersive multimedia environments and generative visuals. His work has recently been presented in various festivals around the world, such as Live Cinema in Rio, Plums Festival in Moscow, Visiones in Lima, Mutek Festival (Montreal, Mexico city, Barcelona and Bogota) and the British Film Institute in London.

As lead of Moment Factory's interactive team in 2011, Maotik produced large-scale projects such as the multimedia experience in the new terminal at the Los Angeles airport as well as the visuals for Nine Inch Nails world tour. In 2013, he produced the critically-acclaimed immersive multimedia performance DROMOS, which was presented at the SATosphere in Montreal as part of the Mutek festival.

Always in search of new challenges, Maotik designs his own visual tools by generating animations from algorithms and creating 3D worlds to transform perceptions of space. He collaborates with musicians, sound artists and scientists in order to continue his research into the relationship between art, science and technology.

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Tarik Barri & Paul Jebanasam


A Dutch visual artist, designer and software developer, Tarik Barri creates installations, video clips and visuals for numerous musicians, among which Thom Yorke and Monolake. He has also been granted several awards such as the prestigious Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in 2012.

On his side, Paul Jebanasam produces a conceptual club music combining Dubstep and Techno under the name Moving Ninja. He has studied computer science, sound and cinema, as well as church music. Head of Subtext Recordings and member of Multiverse Music, a Bristol collective, Paul Jebanasam demonstrates in his works a unique cerebral and creative approach that puts him in close connection to the likes of Emptyset and Roly Porter.

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Rainer Kohlberger


Rainer Kohlberger is an Austrian-born freelance visual artist and film maker living in Berlin. His work is primarily based on algorithmic compositions with reductionistic aesthetics influenced by flatness, drones and interference, and there always lies within a layer of noise that translates Kohlberger's fascination for the infinite. His films, installations and live performances are shown internationally at festivals, in galleries and other art spaces.