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Mark IJzerman, Tarik Barri feat. Lea Fabrikant

A/V Night @Spoutnik

Wednesday 24 May
21:00 – 23:00
Cinéma Spoutnik
CHF 15.- / 10.-

Doors open at 8:30pm
Performances start at 9pm sharp.
IMPORTANT: the Spoutnik Cinema has a limited capacity, therefore, please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the first performance. Failing this, access cannot be guaranteed!

Presque Vu

B5252018 1b01 4290 9ad3 3309750f8a41Presque Vu is a piece by Mark IJzerman in which the visuals react to their sonic counterpart. An emergent video synthesizer is fed with music created using field recordings and resonances recorded while traveling and stored on cassette tapes. The video synthesizer "listens" to the incoming sound and reacts according to the brightness, noisiness, etc. of the sound. Through this process, visuals will be influenced, slowly uncovering themselves like an old 16mm film burning in reverse.


Tarik Barri ft. Lea Fabrikant // VersumDuring his studies of music and technology, Netherlands-born Tarik Barri discovered many similarities between making live music and making live images. By designing and developing his own software Versum, he was able to create a unique and personal audiovisual instrument that enables him to explore new aesthetics combining image and sound. Using Versum, he creates a 3D format piece in which he becomes airborne thanks to the control of a joystick, encountering several objects and forms that generate sound as a result of his movements. The performance also features vocal work by sound artist and photographer Lea Fabrikant as she records her live audiovisual input into Versum, composing a more human aspect within this virtual universe. Her manipulations of sound and image however often result in deformations beyond recognition, where humanity and electronics merge into a different entity alltogether.

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Mark IJzerman


Mark IJzerman is a sound artist, composer & performer working with interactive and procedural sound. In his performances, he often uses tape-recorders and self-built instruments, both analog and digital. His works carry a strong organic quality.

Tarik barry by lea fabrikant 1024x682

Tarik Barri feat. Lea Fabrikant


A Dutch visual artist, designer and software developer, Tarik Barri creates installations, video clips and visuals for numerous musicians, among which Thom Yorke and Monolake. He has also been granted several awards such as the prestigious Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in 2012.

Latvian-Born Lea Fabrikant grew up in Israel before moving to Berlin (Germany) in 2008, where she now lives and works as a sound artist and photographer.