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The Mole, Borusiade, Pascal Viscardi, Graphset

Club #1

Wednesday 24 May
23:00 – 05:00
CHF 20.- / 15.-


/ The Mole – DJ set
/ Borusiade – DJ set
/ Pascal Viscardi – DJ set

// Graphset – visuals


The Mole

Maybe Tomorrow


Anyone who has witnessed The Mole ambush an unsuspecting audience knows that he has the uncanny ability to drive the most complacent crowds into a frenzy of looped grooves that name-check disco pioneers like Giorgio Moroder as equally as they rejuvenate the soul of Detroit techno innovators like Moodymann and Carl Craig. The Mole, which is the alias for Victoria-native, now Berlin-based Colin de la Plante, has been leaping from success to success these past few years, on the strength of his debut album, "As High as the Sky" (Wagon Repair, 2008).





Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania and now residing in Berlin, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started DJing in 2002 as one of the only female DJs in the city's emerging alternative clubbing scene. Influenced by a classical music education and fascinated by raw electronic sounds, Borusiade combined these elements in the construction of her DJ sets and, from 2005, also in her music production. After experimenting with different projects, Borusiade slowly crystallised a sound of her own, often dark, with poignant bass lines, obsessive themes and by all means melodic. In 2015 she joined the label Cómeme and started the series "The Dreamcatcher" on Radio Cómeme.
Her DJ sets combine bold and obscure sounds and genres fluctuating mostly in the field of Dark Disco, Industrial and Tropical Weirdness, some House with an Acid touch. The sound is gloomy and powerful, with beats that touch one’s deepest senses on the dance floor.

Pascal viscardi 2

Pascal Viscardi



Described by the legendary Mike Huckaby (Detroit) as the "producer to watch", Pascal Viscardi is one of the most interesting names in contemporary Swiss dance music. His (numerous) deep productions allowed him to sign EPs on famous labels such as Traxx Underground, Love Notes From Booklyn, SAFT, In Any Case, Serie Limitée and soon Courtesy of Balance, Chineurs de House or Shall Not Fade, to name but a few.

Graphset presse



Mikkael Doczekalski created the GRAPHSET studio in 2007. Firstly trained to automated systems technology, Doczekalski started his professional life in the universe of industrial robotics. He thus developed a graphic logic and work process which he would divert into a creative approach as he entered the Beaux-Arts in Cergy in 2002. Today, GRAPHSET studio multiplies collaborations in various creative areas, whether related to graphic design, video clip or VJing and scenography.