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Neel, Acronym, Clara, Refracted, STEREO NIGHT

Club #3

Saturday 27 May
23:00 – 06:00
CHF 20.- / 15.-


/ Neel – DJ set
/ Acronym – DJ set
/ Refracted – DJ set
/ Clara – DJ set

// STEREO NIGHT – live stereoscopic visuals / WARNING: this performance is not recommended for people with epilepsy



Spazio Disponibile, Spectrum Spools


Italian producer Neel is a meticulous artist who has earned a fine reputation for his smooth, supple and hypnotic techno output. It has come so far on labels like Prologue, both in solo and as Voices from the Lake with Donato Dozzy. In parallel to a new EP due later this year, his much anticipated debut full length, Phobos, is also to be released on the Spectrum Spools label.



Northern Electronics, Dimensional Explorations


Acronym first surfaced in late 2012 on his own imprint, Dimensional Exploration, putting out mind-bending music and working in the sphere of peers like Abdulla Rashim. A few months later he published a 12" on Rashim's newly found label and platform, Northern Electronics. He has now proved himself to be a prolific producer of deep, percussive techno by continuously releasing EPs and remixes.



Nuisance sonore


Based in Berlin, Swiss-born artist Clara brilliantly navigates between Dubstep and Techno. A confirmed digger, she hides behind the darkest selections of the excellent Sounds Metaphors, newest idol of Berliner stores dedicated to her favorite medium: vinyl record. With Geneva's Nuisance Sonore (in collaboration with STRB and Opuswerk), she brings forward techno artists whose reputation have not yet, or barely, reached the Swiss territory.



Pole Group, Mind 2 Express


For Refracted, electronic music, and techno in particular, is the chosen medium to find his unique voice, to connect. His music feels as fundamentally human as it sounds otherworldly. It is Techno more as an idea and conduit, than as an easily-labeled sound. It is Dance Music where layered rhythms act almost on a neural, sub-epidermal level, while moving and evolving soundscapes acquire a tactile, understated physicality. Paramount examples of this can be found on releases on Refracted's own Mind Express label, and on celebrated labels like Canadian Ambient and Deep Techno imprint Silent Season and PoleGroup.

Stereo night



Especially created for this exceptional night, STEREO NIGHT is a collective visual project by 5 Hungarian artists.

László Zsolt Bordos (aka Bordos.ArtWorks) is a 3D mapping artist. Starting as a VJ in year 2000, he soon gained international fame through his pioneering projection and 3D mapping projects. >>

Ivó Kovács is a visual artist. Over the last ten years, he has been dealing with 3D animations and visual effects, producing computer generated images and animations, and mainly 3D mapping projections. >>

Viktor Vicsek is a light artist with a background in 3D animation and software development. He has been working with light and projection for the last two decades. >>

András Nagy is a digital media artist. Starting as a VJ and sound engineer in 2013, he later switched to larger scale projects, such as building projections and live visuals for major concerts, specializing in live generation through patching. >>

Popesz Csaba Láng co-founded with Elwira Wojtunik the internationally recognised duo of multimedia artists Elektro Moon Vision, which creates interactive multimedia installations, stage projection designs, 3D video mappings and scenography projections for theatre and opera. >>