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Technocriticism and speculative engineering


Friday 12 May
18:00 – 20:00
ACT (Le Commun - BAC)
Free entrance
Languages French/English

34528576091 7500c113d3 oArtist talks by Félicien Goguey, Nicolas Maigret, Clément Renaud, and Gordan Savičić in the context of exhibition DISNOVATION.ORG at ACT. 

The current techno-positivist context fosters the emergence of multiple critical, alternative, deviant or speculative artistic practices which attempt to reinvent side roads, new possibilities as well as various hijackings. A reappropriation, both critical and from the bottom up, of the sphere of possibilities for our technology-driven society.

This panel brings together four artists who question the discourses of innovation and technological solutionism.

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DISNOVATION.ORG is a working group based in Paris, initiated by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska. At the crossroads between contemporary art, research and hacking, the collective develops situations of disturbance, speculation, and debate, challenging the ideology of innovation and stimulating the emergence of alternative narratives.