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3D mapping: public screening


Friday 26 May
22:00 – 00:00
Musée d'art et d'histoire
Free entrance

Doors open at 8pm for Lacrema's DJ set.
Public screening in the courtyard of the MAH starts at 10pm.

1179 mapping festival 2012 05 19 s pecorini ork ch b31c4680For the sixth collaboration of Mapping Festival with the Museum of Art and History of Geneva (MAH), artist Laszló Zsolt Bordos, who performed at the MAH in 2011 (courtyard) and 2012 (main façade), is conducting with Ivó Kovács and Viktor Vicsek a four-day 3D mapping workshop.

At the end of this workshop, which will focus on 2D, 2,5D and 3D mapping techniques and content creation, participants will present the results of their work to the public, and the content they created will be screened at the MAH.

Doors will open at 8pm for a DJ set by Lacrema. The public screening will then take place in the courtyard of the museum at 10pm.

In collaboration with the MAH



Eica Records


Signed on label Eica in 2016, Lacrema released a singular and inventive first album: Sad Engineering is a feast of stunning melodies and syncopated bass lines. On stage, he has performed alongside with Vitalic, among others, and his Eica Records teammates. He stands out from today's musical landscape by creating an atmosphere laden with musical references and images with a powerful drift